Tuesday, 6 March 2012

it's been a while! Since I last posted!

I have been still slowly collecting and finding deals, but had to calm it down a bit due to work situation! They have had some major issues and slowed down the yards! But with Chaos come big hours and lots of cash! So I will be posting allot more!    As it stands now, I am in talks with Barry From ODDMONTON.ca to do a few trades! have a few things I have boughten off ebay! Hypdermic pill Vials Still full to complete my 2 Syringe Cases, and a few old bottles and tins coming in the mail!  I have to 666 Salve tins from the 30's coming which I'm stoked about!! 

Pics to Follow!


  1. Always nice to read about a fellow Albertan's collection. Looking forward to reading about your future acquisitions...

  2. Thanks! I roam antique malls etc! and am slowly building my collection! Love finding new things to add to my collection!