Saturday, 4 February 2012

Medical Collection

I've always been interested in old medical items and quack medical devices! I've been searching online and through the local antique malls in the city to find old medical bottles and medical devices!!

This is what I've found so far, I have oil of wintergreen pharmacy bottle half full, Iodine bottles, Pure Glycerine bottles, antique Syringes, and an embalming syringe!! 

                                          Bottles from left to right ( Hydro-Chloride, Iodine Bottle, Dr Pharneys Quack medical bottle (Full),  Half full bottle of oil of winter green (poison) from edmonton alberta pharmacy, Vitalis hair treatment bottle, Castor Oil full, Rexall Cough syrup, and Pure Glycerine)
                                              Rectal Dilators (bake lite) early 1920's
                                                                        Pure Glycerine
                                                                    Bottle Of Iodine
                                                                       Oil Of Wintergreen

Fleam (Blood Letting Device)

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